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Assessment Reports 

Assessment reports are the foundation for the development of sourceImage of the Cover of the Assessment Report for the Hamilton Region protection plans. Much research and many technical studies were completed to characterize the drinking water resources of the Halton Region and the Hamilton Region Source Protection Areas.  The best available scientific information was used in preparing the reports. The assessment report for each Area summarizes the findings of this background work and characterizes the watershed by reporting on its:

  • Physical and human geography – including landforms, land cover, population distribution and land use
  • Soil and bedrock geology
  • Watershed and subwatershed descriptions
  • Meteorological conditions
  • Monitoring programs – meteorological, surface water and groundwater
  • Water use
  • Water budgets and stresses on the water resources in each subwatershed
  • Risks to the sustainability of the water sources
  • Vulnerability assessments of municipal surface water and groundwater systems
  • Issues and threats to the municipal drinking water sources

The delineation of vulnerable areas where certain activities could negatively impact the quality and/or quantity of the Areas’ sources of drinking water lead to the identification of activities occurring now and those that may occur in the future. The assessment reports identify the risks to municipal drinking water sources from these activities and the source protection plans contain policies to address these specific threats. 



The Halton-Hamilton Source Protection Committee has updated the Assessment Reports for the Halton Region and the Hamilton Region Source Protection Areas on two occassions. The latest version has just been approved by Ling Mark, Director, Source Protection Programs Branch of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  

The focus of the amendments to the Halton Assessment Report is on the Kelso, Campbellville and neighbouring Cedarvale well fields including the results of the water sustainability studies and the new geographic protection areas for the drinking water sources. Technical work continues on the Greensville well field and the findings will be included in a future amendment to the Hamilton Assessment Report. 

These versions of the reports were the basis for development of a plan to address the potential threats  to the quality and quantity of source water of the municipal drinking water supplies.  

The approved assessment reports can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Halton Region Source Protection Area

Hamilton Region Source Protection Area

If you require a copy of the assessment reports in another format, please e-mail sourceprotection@hrca.on.ca  or call 905-854-9229.



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